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Why platinum trading solutions

Platinum Trading Solutions is a “Client Focused Based Firm” registered as a Commodity Trading Adviser (CTA), with the CFTC in the education and provision of Automatic Trading Software (ATS). Launched in February of 2006, Platinum Trading Solutions has become the Leader in the Industry that specializes as the educator and system provider of Automatic Trading Software (ATS) for the common and accredited Investor. Due to the lack of guidance in the world of Automatic Trading Software (ATS), there has been a call and demand for guidance and education on how to trade Automatic Trading Software (ATS), as well as how to diversify and migrate from system to system. We understand the confusion and the lack of hands on customer service and guidance, and have taken Center Stage to guide every individual client in the belief that trading in multiple system can help reduce the overall risk to the investor’s portfolio, by using systems and diversifying the clients portfolio into systems that have negative low correlation to equity and other investments.

In short we take the qualified investors, educate them about Automatic trading software (ATS), and automated futures trading offer the investor access to these Systems. Once the investor is trading the Systems, we keep watch over and communicate with the client as to guide them into diversification as well as migration of these systems. We make ourselves available to the questions and concerns that our client may have, and then direct our client into a long term approach in the direction of a well-diversified portfolio. We know that each client has their own reason, hopes, and dreams for the reason why the investor seeks to invest, and their hope of profits and gains toward their future goals. We have found that by being hands on and sensitive to each one of our client’s needs, we are able to communicate, guide, and educate each one of our clients to a comfortable ongoing relationship, and as a result have become the Leader in the industry, and will continue doing so.

Platinum Trading Solutions is always on the search for and obtaining well qualified Systems (ATS) with “Actual Trading Results” that have stable methods of trading and a proven track record which are including “Net Posted Returns”. As a result we are always able to continue to provide new, as well as a large array of Systems (ATS) for the new client as well as for the existing client for the purpose of entry, diversification, and migration, without lack of or limit of Systems (ATS) to be available.

We at Platinum Trading Solutions understand and know that “THE CLIENT COMES FIRST”, and therefore we are the longest standing company, educator, provider and LEADER of AUTOMATED TRADING SYSEMS (ATS) in the Industry today!

More about our trading systems.

Index Trading Systems

  • MAR ES                       (Closed)
  • Gemini                          (Sold Out)
  • XS-Alpha                      (Sold Out)
  • Bravo ER2                    (Sold Out)
  • XS-Platinum CT             (Sold Out)
  • XS-Platinum NQ            (Sold Out)
Commodities Trading Systems

  • Alpha Blend         (Open to Clients Only)
  • MJ 27 CL             (Open to Clients Only)
  • Pegas 1 CL          (Open to Clients Only)
  • RSG 20                (Open to Clients Only)
  • RSG 50                (Open to Clients Only)
  • RSG 80                (Open to Clients Only)
  • Diffusion              (Closed)

Platinum Trading Investment (PTI) Portfolio

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Your Interest Must Come First

Because of PTS's unique no-conflict structure, our dedicated professionals are free to focus exclusively on customer service, including unbiased system consulting and personalized risk and reward solutions, along with rigorous quantitative analysis.



  • My accounts have been trading your systems since May 2007 with $70K starting captial. For less than 22 months, my account has grown to $220K with very conservative capital allocation trading Gemini, XS-Platinum ER2 and PCSP systems, and automated futures trading....



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